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Cuttings, Your Pathway to Plant Propagation

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Cuttings can root quickly or take weeks depending on the species. Rooted cuttings will rest a gentle tug. Cuttings that have not rooted will slip right out of the dirt.

By Roger Simpson Knowing how to propagate plants from cuttings is one of the most useful skills anyone interested in plants can have.  With it, a gardener gains the ability to grow plants without any cost except time and effort. The advantages of propagating with cuttings are many: Cuttings are cheap and convenient Large plants are much quicker to get… Read more »

“The Case of the Callery Pear.”

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Wild Callery Pears escape from cultivated Bradford Pears with the help of the birds. The Bradford often reverts to the tree it was developed from, the thorny Callery Pear.

By Carl Parsons With this post, the Sevier County Master Gardeners who man the SCAMGA Ask a Master Gardener Hot Line are introducing a series of articles based on some of the most interesting calls we receive. We begin with “The Case of the Callery Pear.” Client’s Problem Late last summer a client visited the Extension Office with a sample—branches… Read more »