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The Teaching Patch – New Beginnings

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Pam Barron – Demo Garden Chairperson. I was not here when the Demonstration Garden was created in 2013, but I know it got off to a great start with some great Master Gardeners. There were some great ideas and demonstration gardens introduced. But, as with most things, the garden as well as the gardeners, has gotten older and in need of… Read more »

The Mountain Ash: Red with Romance

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by Carl Parsons, Tennessee Master Gardener. Who wouldn’t love a beautiful ornamental tree, not too large or too small, with an abundance of leaves, pure white buds and blossoms in late spring followed by bright red edible berries in the fall, a tree that lives for up to 200 years and has the added (albeit folklorish) benefit of protecting us… Read more »

Basil Downy Mildew

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by Colette Mancke, Tennessee Master Gardener. What is basil downy mildew? Basil downy mildew is a devastating disease that affects the leaves, branches and stems of many types of basil (ie.,plants in the genus Ocimum) commonly used for cooking. Green-leafed varieties of sweet basil are particularly susceptible to the disease, while purple-leafed varieties of basil, Thai basil, lemon basil and… Read more »

CEU Opportunities

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by Alan Bruhin, Director Sevier County TN Extension. For those looking for CEU’s or just some additional training in interesting topics, here is a link to a series of webinars being offered by Each month a new topic video is posted for you to view. Currently there have been three topics posted that are available for you to view…. Read more »

Cuttings, Your Pathway to Plant Propagation

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Cuttings can root quickly or take weeks depending on the species. Rooted cuttings will rest a gentle tug. Cuttings that have not rooted will slip right out of the dirt.

By Roger Simpson Knowing how to propagate plants from cuttings is one of the most useful skills anyone interested in plants can have.  With it, a gardener gains the ability to grow plants without any cost except time and effort. The advantages of propagating with cuttings are many: Cuttings are cheap and convenient Large plants are much quicker to get… Read more »

“The Case of the Callery Pear.”

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Wild Callery Pears escape from cultivated Bradford Pears with the help of the birds. The Bradford often reverts to the tree it was developed from, the thorny Callery Pear.

By Carl Parsons With this post, the Sevier County Master Gardeners who man the SCAMGA Ask a Master Gardener Hot Line are introducing a series of articles based on some of the most interesting calls we receive. We begin with “The Case of the Callery Pear.” Client’s Problem Late last summer a client visited the Extension Office with a sample—branches… Read more »


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Have you ever put out your transplants and the very next day you go out to check on them and they are mowed down by some unseen creature? It’s something all gardeners face one time or another. Here is the culprit: Cutworms . They are plump, smooth-skinned, greasy- looking caterpillars up to one inch long and they often are found… Read more »

New Web-only UT Soil and Potting Mix Test Report Publications

Two new web-only publications are available on the UT Extension publications site: W 804-A Getting the Most Out of Your Home Vegetable Garden Soil Test Report W 804-B Getting the Most Out of Your Raised Bed or Potting Mix Test Report For more information about these publications, contact Natalie Bumgarner in the Dept. of Plant Sciences.