The Teaching Patch – New Beginnings

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Pam Barron – Demo Garden Chairperson.

I was not here when the Demonstration Garden was created in 2013, but I know it got off to a great start with some great Master Gardeners. There were some great ideas and demonstration gardens introduced. But, as with most things, the garden as well as the gardeners, has gotten older and in need of refreshment. 

Therefore, we are in the process of installing a greenhouse and redoing the old beds and introducing some new ones. This process is going to be long, and, dare I say, a little stressful. This is quite an undertaking for us more “mature” gardeners who don’t have the stamina of some younger ones. But I’ve also seen some of these seasoned gardeners at work, and let me tell you, they are up to the task!  

There are going to be a few rough patches getting to our finale, but with everyone’s help and cooperation, we will have a great new Teaching Patch with a lot more opportunities to learn, teach, and accomplish great things.